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Fandom Meme Central

Pick a fandom. Pick a meme. Go.

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An archive of those fun fandom memes everyone loves to do
Welcome to Fandom Memes Central. This is a place where you can post and try those creative fandom memes that ask you to take some characters or settings from your fandom and answer some interesting hypotheticals about them. You know the ones - if Character X were to enter Universe Y, who would he slash with? Etc. These are the memes that make you think creatively and put your favorite people in interesting situations, or make you think about your fandom and what meaning it has for you.

We are also happy to pimp (or host) any of the single-thread memes that are going around. If you're hosting a love meme, a friending meme, a kink meme, etc., please feel free to pimp it here. And if you're looking for a place to host a meme, please consider doing it here as well! I will be happy to grant temporary modship to anyone who would like to take control of such a thread.

Currently seeking mods & designers to take control and make the place pretty; in the meantime, I'm scouring lj for fandom memes to post, so please join the comm and post any good memes you happen to run across!



Rules for posting creative memes:

1) This is not a place for personality tests, Memegen-type quizzes, etc. Memes here must be applicable to multiple fandoms and
creative in nature.
2) Post only the meme structure, without your answers.
3) If you can post an HTML frame for those taking the meme to copy, you get extra brownie points.
4) If you want to link to your responses to a meme, do so in comments.

Rules for posting single-thread memes:

1) Please PM me (tiptoe39) informing me you'd like to post. I will grant temporary mod status once the meme has been posted and has gotten a few responses.
2) You are responsible for creating your own graphics, html, etc. I reserve the right to declare that you can't use a 1600x1200 header graphic for your meme.
3) Memes encouraging wank (honesty memes) are permitted but discouraged, and members should participate with full knowledge that I may decide to freeze the post.
4) Memes will have a running time of seven days, after which temporary mod status will be rescinded and the post frozen for future comments.

Any inappropriate posts WILL be deleted by mods.

Thank you and happy meme-ing!

-- Moderator tiptoe39
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